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Who's behind....Ecstasy and Wine???

Welcome audience to our 2nd chapter of Who's garage punk ruins my life blog!! We have the great pleasure to introduce you "the man behind the camera" of Ecstasy and Wine Flickr. His name is Felipe, and I would like to thank him for taking this time to answer this blog questionnaire!!

Paul Weller (pic for Ruta 66 magazine cover)
 -What is your  first memory handling a camera?

It was with the camara my relatives gave as a present to my sister on her first Comunion. I was 5. I wasn't making pictures, it was just a toy for me. It was a black 35mm compact camara, don't ask me about the brand or model because I don't remember. I found a very similar one last year in a street-market but it was pretty damage, no worthy to buy it....a pity.

- When you decided that photography could be your way of living?

To be honest I'm still wondering how I do it...since photography and money don't seem to go together.  At the beginning I didn't even thought about it, it was 2 1/2 years ago when I decided to go for it and, so far, I'm not getting rich but I'm surviving from my pictures which is not bad at all if you consider how things are in Spain right now (and specially in this sector).

- Tell us about your educational background regarding photography?

First I joint one of the courses sponsorshiped by the Madrid council, highly recommended in my opinion, quite affordable in terms of price and very professional covering all the aspect of this matter.  At that time I was studying something else not related to photography, I quit those studies and joint the Degree of Image.  There are also private schools &universities where you can study this degree, prices are around 8.000€/year.

Kim Fowley

- Which was your first semi-pro or pro camera?

It was a semi-pro Nikon f-601, a 35mm reflex.  I learnt with it the very basic concepts of photography.
I also bought at that time a digital one because there weren't good times for my economy and I needed to shoot&shoot all the time.  It was a Nikon d-40, I squeeze it until its last breathe for 3 years and now it's part of my personal collection.

-What’s your link with the 60's scene?

Well, Ramones and Barracudas changed my life but they were not the beginning of my 60's adventure.
I used to listen indie music like Los Planetas and in their interviews they were always talking about the 13th Floor Elevators or Spacemen 3.... Bands totally unknown for me!!  Then I discovered Nuggets compilation and that was like a revelation.  From that, Sonics, Standells, Electric Prunes, Seeds, the 80's revival...let me please highlight the Inside Out of The Miracle Workers (best lp of this period).

- Tell us about that project of capturing the scene through your camera?

Juanito (Wau y los Arghhs!! frontman)
I started taking the camera to the gigs and the I began to shoot everyone involved in the night scene (attendance, musicians, workers,bar tenders...).

 -Your pictures for album covers are also very well known...

I am very proud of those ones for Saturno Records Ep of Lord Rochester.
The session took place in Benidorm at Funtastic Dracula Carnival, no sleeping, my English is not very good and the guys are Scottish.....well, to my surprise everything flew perfect between us, good feeling, and incredible sunset light and their look in swimming bath clothes from the early 20's was the perfect touch to the session.  ( notice at the picture the sand coming out of the foot...wasn't planned!!!!! see pic-->)

 Holy Family (Barcelona)

- Which are your current cameras?

I have a wide range of variety now, depending the purpose I use one or another.
For my work I use Canon Eos Id Mark II with 27.70 2.8L and 80.200 2.8L lenses.
Since last year Yashica, I love the colors and the texture.  I was only using it for portraits but now I'm also doing bands pictures with it.

Joaquín Pascual

Films: new Kodak Portra 400 (professional standard)
Before I was using a Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400. The Kodak is more expensive but also worthy.

Leica C1 35 mm compact.  For the portraits I've been doing since the last 3 years.

The serie of portraits  “Ecstasy and Wine” started with Leica C11 compact (aps format) but when I found a similar camera but in 35mm I changed it because the aps developing is much expensive, it was difficult to find films and I found out they were stopping to produce it.

I was also using Polaroid 600 but then months later it was a impossible mission to find films...
My favorites: Leica C1 and Yashica FX3... And for the special moments together I would add my Canon Eos ld.

Dallas Good (singer & guitar at The Sadies)

- Self develop?

I wish! But it's actually unaffordable specially the color one but one day I would to have my own developing room for B&W.
My next toy will be a scanner for NEGATIVOS and have my NEG scanned in hi-res at home...less is nothing...

Borja (Faith Keepers)
  - Your opinion about Lomo?

The biggest rip off in history along with the impossible project.  I've done some films with the fish eye and it is the greatest rubbish.  I rsther use The disposable cameras Of The big brands instead, actually that's what I'm using at festivals and big events where you don't know the level of drunkenness you can get...


36, the price without copies or scan is the same as 24.

- Your recommendations for a beginner?

Canon 500d-550d-600, this is something regular and good price/quality. Then if you are really interested then you can acquire a better equipment...also depending on your budget of course!

Thanks Felipe and keep shooting!!

You can follow Felipe at:

Jens Lindsberg (Crimson Shadows)

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Who's behind...Bananas Magazine???

This section of "Who's behind..." will show us the character(s) behind things happening in the garage & r'n'r scene.  We will try to cover labels, magazines, bands, festivals...all around the Globe of course!! Hope you like it!  First interview is dedicated to Bananas Magazine...a zine published in NYC by five rock'n'roll mental teens.

(Chris dj'ng at "Girl with Bananas" party 
at Groovie Bar Malasaña jul'11)

Q. Please introduce yourself: name, city of birth, city where you live, what do you do for living…
Hi, my name is Christophe Lopez-Huici. I was born in Paris and I’ve been living for nearly 10 years in NYC. I’m a free-lancer illustrator and animator.
Q. When and why did you start this Bananas Magazine adventure?

I think we first talked about starting a ‘zine late 09 and the first issue came out some time in the summer of ’10. I’m actually not sure because we forgot to put a date in issue1.

(Nacho Louie and Chris at Louie's Bar Malasaña)
Q. How many people collaborate with the fanzine?
Well, there are the five of us who started the zine. That’s Charles, Shimmy, Brandon, Alessandra and me. Then, there are some people who write in every issue like Todd who does the tabs to classic 60s nuggets and Frank who writes about vintage porn. We also have guest ‘writers’ to talk about festivals, international garage scene etc…I think you’ve been writing in every issue since issue 2, no? Ah, we also have a new guy, Tom, who’s gonna write and review records in each issue from now on. He’s a French guy who books shows in Paris and recently started his own label, Howlin’ Banana!

 (Javi Fumestone & Elisa concentrated..)

Q. You don’t seem to have a fix number of releases per year…in my opinion this is real punk attitude…are you planning to force yourself to a fix numbers a year or that’s against your “company policy”?
 We’d love to come out with a new issue every 3 months, but it’s just not happening. Some bands take a REAL long time to get back to us and that usually delays the whole thing. Some people ask if we do subscription. That’s always a good laugh, cause we never know how many issues/year we’re gonna put out. We’ re aiming at September for #6. Let’s see how late we’ll be. Anyway, we’re a FREE zine, people can’t expect too much from us!

Q. Are you happy with the readers response/feedback?
A lot of people tell us Bananas is the best thing to read while taking a shit! That’s the best compliment!

(Julieta Pandoro wants to speak to you...)
 Q. Have you ever thought in colour print or you prefer b/w?
We love b&w. Plus color would be expensive. If we ever make more money with ads, we would like to be able to ship the mags for free instead of asking people to pay for shipping. If we make even MORE money out of ads, then we might think of color. In other words, Bananas has a good chance to remain b&w.
Q. I’ve realized the last pages dedicated to records review is increasing number by number…do the bands contact you or you choose who is being reviewed? 
We receive much more promo stuff than when we started. That’s one of the reason we have more reviews in the most recent issues. I buy a lot of stuff as well. Sometime bands contact us but we’ll only review them if we feel they’re good. We try not to give bad reviews anymore. If we don’t like something, we just won’t talk about it.
Q. At the end of every issue we can follow your Bananas Mystery…tell us something else about it!!!! How did the idea came up?
I can tell you how it ends! Joe realizes he’s not really Gene’s dad and he commits the irreparable! No, seriously, we just write each segment in 2 minutes before sending the final copy of the mag to the printer. I honestly have no idea what it’s all about.

(Chris and Mr. Bratto...crazy illustrators 
get along together!!)
Q. You've previously commented you work as illustrator&animator...regarding illustrators & designers…I'm sure your readers would like to know where your references come from...can you please tell us which are your favourite ones of all the ages? You prefer classic or modern? Japanese school? European? U.S? And maybe a “must” in your collection…
I don’t know much about designers…My all time favorite illustrator would probably be Moebius. I also love Robert Crumb. There’s a lot of illustrators I love in all kind of styles, Joe Sacco (check out his comic book about the Miracle Workers), Bilal, Steinberg, Sempé, Roland Topor. Then lots of stuff I love from record covers, posters or random illustrator books, but I have no idea who any of those guys are. I love some more classic stuff as well, such as German art from the 20s, 30s, Otto Dix, George Grosz, those kind of guys who draw some really grotesque characters. One stuff I DON’T like is the 50s art that is so over-used in the garage imagery!


Q. Plans for the future? Any other special art or music activity you would like to be involved in?
Knowing my musical skills, I’m afraid my involvement with music will never go beyond Bananas Magazine and doing art for bands, but I sure hope those 2 things will keep going strong.
Q. Chris…Garage Punk ruins your life?
Garage Punk saved my soul! 

Thanks for you time Chris!
Bananas forever!

Get your free copy in Madrid before they dissapear at: 
Louie Louie Bar, Weirdo Bar, In Dreams Café, Harvey's Café and Coco-Bar.

LES TERRIBLES en Madrid (Jueves 26 Julio)